​Osteria Enoteca Baccicin du ​Caru
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The "Nebbioliadi"

Osteria Enoteca Baccicin du Caru for the series of Gastronomic Evenings of Autumn 2017 has the "Nebbioliadi": it is a gastronomic journey in the course of which every evening is the stage of an'Olympics of the taste that sees matched the best autumnal dishes of our tradition with Wines from the finest vineyards of Nebbiolo.

Of course,as always happens when we offer theme evenings, for those who want to diversify than those proposed, are available dishes on the menu of the Baccicin and the choice of wines in our Wine cellar.

Here you can find the link to download the flyer of the evening in pdf

For more info and for bookings you can contact us at the following numbers:

010 631804, 349 7513942

or write an email to


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